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Customer Retention. Automated

Optimize acquisition; double down on retention

Posted by Jamie Field on Feb 17, 2015 3:12:00 PM



I attended the Retail Traffic & Conversion Summit last week in Orlando, FL where vendors and retailers engaged in deep, continuous dialogue over the two-day event. This event may not rival the IRCE’s of the world when looking at sheer size; however, the takeaways were obvious and valuable for attendees allowing retailers to seriously evaluate new technologies that were on display. Here are our three key takeaways from this year’s event:

  1. Optimize acquisition; double down on retention: Retailers are getting excellent advice from some of the leading SEO/PPC experts, and clearly gaining valuable insight into driving customers to their first purchase. Once a company, such as ROI Revolution, optimizes the acquisition funnel, they can "hand the ball off" to Windsor Circle to assist in keeping all of these newly acquired customers through automated lifecycle marketing.
  2. Email marketing is not a thing of the past: If you're not doing email marketing, start doing it. Some brands do zero email marketing. Everyone understands the value, but many retailers don’t have the bandwidth or resources to actually do anything. If you're already leveraging email marketing, use data to make your retention efforts more efficient. Many retailers stick to the "batch and blast" approach and are seeing negligible traction from their email marketing channel. With access to product, purchase, and customer data even retailers with limited resources can create automated data-driven emails that are triggered based on each individual customer’s buying behavior. Download the Annmarie Gianni Case Study to see how they have built a business on automated emails.
  3. Initialization, Optimization, Retention Automation: According to Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce at evo.com, there are three pieces to the eCommerce puzzle – initialization (getting started, making sure your eCommerce site is up and running), optimization (optimizing your eCommerce site for SEO and PPC to acquire more customers), retention automation (creating automated data-driven emails to help retain the customers you have worked so diligently to acquire). With these three pieces you will be sure to win. Download the evo case study to learn how they have utilized product, purchase, and customer data to create an automated product education series.

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