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Prime Segmentation

Posted by Enelda Butler on Jun 27, 2016 4:35:13 PM
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Keeping customers engaged with your brand can sometimes be a difficult task. Because of this, lifecycle marketing campaigns are great for connecting with customers at key points of the B2C relationship. In addition to these messages, retailers can also develop creative tactics to maintain customer interest. Interactive email campaigns like contests, surveys, or quizzes are just a few options for raising engagement. 

This email I received from Omaha Steaks is a fun example of how to get customers excited about your products. Omaha Steaks takes a page out a teen magazine (or Buzzfeed) with a steak personality quiz. After answering a few simple questions, customers are matched with the type of steak that best suits their responses.


The quiz is a clever way to provide product recommendations. For instance, based on my answers I was deemed a top sirloin person and was offered two different recommendations from this product category. The items were even discounted to further convince me to make the purchase.



Omaha Steaks can use information gathered from this quiz to segment their customer base. Segmentation is the act of is dividing your customer list into distinct groups based on common traits, like purchase history, demographics, or in this case, product category.


Implementing segmentation in a retail email marketing strategy ensures that each specific audience will receive messages and offers tailored just for them. By narrowing the focus of your marketing campaigns with relevant content, retailers can better engage customers, increase email open and click rates, and boost revenue.


To learn how to harness the power of segmentation, you can read our Segment Builder guide, which includes best practices, examples, and the top customer segments to create to grow your business.


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