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Reflections from Magento Imagine 2013

Posted by Andrew Pearson on May 9, 2013 9:20:00 AM
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Magento Imagine 2013

It's been a month since Imagine, and I was reviewing my notes and reflecting on Magento COO Roy Rubin's exploration of the conference theme, “The Art of Commerce”. He draws the parallel between online retailers and artists, who have Magento and other technology as their tools to create something powerful and unique. 

The modern retailer has to leverage both data and design to create the "Art of Commerce" - better access to customer data means a greater ability to create uniquely customized creative that speaks to a more targeted audience... yet creates a conundrum of how to develop all this content. 

I think WhatCounts CEO Allen Nance did a great job framing the solution to this challenge at the recent WhatCounts Digital Marketing Summit:  Smart marketing = Data + Content + Automation.  The eCommerce artist must build creative that can serve as the landscape of your emails, and use data to drive the insertion of key messages pertinent to the recipients.

“Freakanomics” co-author Steven Levitt captivated the Imagine audience with great anecdotes and stories, arguing that people don’t spend enough time thinking about ideas, and that we often overlook even the most obvious ones. Great artists need to sit back and dream once in a while, and so should eCommerce professionals.

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