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Revving Up Revenue By Replenishing

Posted by Caroline Riddle on Mar 28, 2016 9:40:12 AM
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Do I make a special trip to the store? Should I search for a site that will ship it the fastest? Should I just use another brand?


These are the questions that run through the mind of a consumer who is close to running out of their favorite product. We’ve all been there.

There are many items in your household that you regularly have to replenish. As a retail marketer you may find many items in your product catalog that are often re-purchased, signaling that it’s a replenishable item.


Ever since Amazon announced the Dash button, which makes reordering as simple as clicking a button, retailers have been challenged to find easy ways to get their customers reordering and refilling products. Typically we think of staple products – like coffee, tea, shampoo, soap, razors, etc. as items that need to be refilled. As we work with retailers, we’re finding the purchase data is uncovering many other products that we wouldn’t normally find in our kitchens or bathrooms. Think about the arts & craft industry – those who’ve purchased beading wire will run out of the wire, but the timing is dependent on how many bracelets or necklaces they’re making. The novice may run out in 8 months, whereas the Etsy superseller may run out in just a couple weeks. How do you know the casual beader from the professional artist? Data. Windsor Circle’s Replenishment Automator pulls in purchase data so that you can time a reminder email to catch your customer right at the cusp of running out of their favorite product.

Set Up Your Replenishment Automator Today >>

On Wednesday, April 20th at Noon PT (3pm ET) we’re hosting Revving Up Revenue By Replenishing, a webinar featuring best practices around how you can utilize replenishment reminders.


On the webinar you’ll hear from CoffeeForLess, who uses Windsor Circle’s Replenishment Automator and had this feedback:

“Creating a replenishment campaign was a no brainer for us, as we sell consumable products - namely coffee and tea. Our replenishment emails see open rates of 35% with click rates of 5%. The goal of this email is to get in front of the customer before they run out of coffee, so leveraging Windsor Circle's predictive data is key to the success of this marketing campaign."

- Ziv Karmi, eCommerce Manager, CoffeeForLess.com

Also, joining us on the webinar is Kaila Garrison, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud. Windsor Circle’s Replenishment Automator works hand in hand with Oracle Responsys.

Getting consumers to come back and replenish items is key to increasing customer lifetime value. Through sending data-driven reminder emails you’re not only providing a helpful offer to the consumer, you’re also increasing the likelihood that they’ll trust your brand (more), come back to your site (more often) and buy (more). All that equals to more revenue, more happy customers, and best of all, a happy marketer.


Join us for Revving Up Revenue By Replenishing.

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