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Smart Data Trends

Posted by Amy McCarthy on Mar 12, 2015 11:37:00 AM
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This is the first edition of Smart Data Trends, the weekly bi-weekly round up of the most relevant innovations, news and evolutions in the eCommerce & email marketing industries. Stay in the loop by joining 20k+ other industry professionals who get their news from our experts here at Windsor Circle.

March 2015 week 2 edition 1







Industry: Marketplace Fairness Act is Back on the Table

The Marketplace Fairness Act has reached zombie status and is back on the table. This legislation would bring a complete revamp on how online retailers are taxed by allowing the creation of over an astounding 9,600 separate taxing jurisdictions! Despite what supporters are saying, it hasn't changed much since resurfacing again. Whether or not an online retailer has any physical presence in any state, they will have to comply to charging sales taxes for any purchases made from consumers who purchase from another state, each having a multitude of specific definitions, holidays, and rates. 

Related Opinion: Online sales tax and "the Quill doctrine"  - Larry M. Elkin, CPA, CFP®

Technology Today

Game on Google: #Mobilegeddon

Are you ready for April 21st, 2015? "mobilegeddon" is coming and if your online store is not "mobile-friendly", Google has hinted that it will cause significant (negative) effects with placement on search results. That's bad news for those who fail to keep the technology of their site in pace with the ever increasing usage of mobile visitors. Google's perspective falls with creating the best user experience, but the cost to getting "mobile-friendly" can be daunting to online retailers, especially those on a budget.

Google has released two platform specific guides on how to get both Magento & PrestaShop eCommerce sites optimized for mobile.

Take Google's "mobile-friendly" test to check your site 

Social Media Now

Facebook just unveiled a “topic data” service, which will show marketers exactly what people are saying about particular subjects, including your brand. What does this mean for marketers? Not much, Facebook's new "topic data" offering is only a basic guide to help craft marketing objectives and cannot be used to target ads directly. Something to keep on the radar, for sure.

Client Love

Congradulations to our client, Surfstitch.com for being on track with their 5 year goal to lift sales fivefold to $1 billion. From humble beginnings of peddling surfwear from a garage, Surfstitch now sells over 700 surf and skatewear brands in 125 countries and is valued at $214 million. We are proud to be part of their journey, Surfstitch successfully decreased churn by 72% to create targeted email marketing powered by our  our Customer Retention Software.

eCommerce & email Marketing Pulse

Intuit partnership with eCommerce platforms unlocks rich features

Now it's pretty easy to sync Quickbooks Online with two leading eCommerce platforms: Bigcommerce & Shopify. This new integrations eliminates the need for manual reconciliation of sales deposits, bank fees and sales tax, it also seamlessly sends eCommerce transactions into QuickBooks Online without end-user aggravation. Intuit promises to provide users an up to date view of the financial ecosystem and the ability to instantly compile reports on important KPIs such as: P&L, AP&AR and balance sheets. We absolutely love useful integrations here at Windsor Circle. ;)

2015 Magento Imagine: Awards Ceremony

Celebrating both customers & developers within the Magento community, users of the platform have the opportunity to be celebrated during the Imagine Commerce 2015 conference. The purpose of the newly created awards is to recognize customers and developers in the Magento and eBay Enterprise ecosystem, for their innovation and participation in the evolution of eCommerce

Award Categories:

  • Best Web Design Award
  • Best Omnichannel Experience Award
  • Best Marketing Campaign of the Year Award
  • Growth Award
  • Most Innovative Award
  • Great Explorer Award for International Expansion
  • Magento Pioneer Award
  • Best Tiny-Screen/Mobile Experience Award
  • Customer Service Rockstar Award
  • Best B2B User Experience Award

You have till March 18th, 2015 to submit your nominations for these prestigious Awards.

Windsor Circle Water Cooler

Every quarter, the entire Windsor Circle team dedicates the day to volunteering at local non-profits. We focus on early childhood education and one of our partners is Book Harvest, a Durham, NC non-profit who has a mission is to provide books to Triangle children in need. Last quarter, we spent the day helping them move into their new space and this time around we helping organized, move and prep books for distribution. We are honored to be part of Book Harvest's powerful mission. 

Shameless Plug :)

Many retailers believe because of the products they sell or the industry they are in, there will not be any benefit in creating a marketing strategy during Mother's Day, Father's Day or Graduation. Windsor Circle is here to blow your mind. 

Mother's Day: 

  • Tools & Hardware: build her a mailbox garden or renovate that boring closet into a runway class wardrobe. Nothing says love like sweat & elbow grease.

Father's Day:

  • Batch & blast email campaigns are focused on targeting ALL fathers with the same exact gift-giving assumptions; cologne, power tools, and clothes. Yawn. We all know how ineffective batch & blast campaigns are so, we advise our clients to create a campaign that targets their existing customers since regardless of the product or service you sell, there’s most likely a father out there who wants it.
  • Demographics: Women do the majority of the shopping for their own husbands but also for their fathers and husband’s fathers. The wide range of paternal ages should be included in your strategy.


  • Transportation & travel accessories: friends and relatives are booking travel plans now, let your customers know you have special rates for graduation ceremony attendees. 

Have we "wow'd" you yet? Make sure you register for our upcoming 45 minute, Mom's, Dad's & Grad's webinar on March 25th from 2 - 2:45pm EST. You don't want to miss our exclusive webinar discussion including which specific customer segments, targeted messaging and email cadence strategies you need to be using for these 3 upcoming marketing opportunities. 


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