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Smart Data Trends II

Posted by Amy McCarthy on Mar 23, 2015 1:28:00 PM
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This is the second edition of Smart Data Trends, the bi-weekly round up of the most relevant innovations, news andevolutions in the eCommerce & email marketing industries. Stay in the loop by joining 20k+ other industry professionals who get their news from our experts here at Windsor Circle.

March 2015 week 3 edition 2 | Last edition

Mobile for the win

Mobile commerce is an estimated at $40 billion market and visits from mobile devices to eCommerce sites are rapidly on the rise. Learn how online retailers can unlock this market with a strong mobile strategy and get in on this emerging trend before their competitors.


Ad spending is risky business, especially over hundreds or thousands of product SKUs, that's why it's important to take the time to optimize online ads and stay BELOW budget. Here's a quick guide on how to split out brand and generic product ads to ensure strong coverage on your key terms, such as product-specific searches or long-tail vs. short-tail searches. 

Buzzwords & Quick Tips

What is CX? Customer experience is not just a buzzword, it's a complete business model that retailers need to deeply understand in order to create an effective strategy. Take a indepth look at 5 observations of CX and what it means for online retailers.

Check out 6 global, online shopping trends that could impact your business including targeted personalization & adding videos to product detail pages.

Dropping like flies

The Amazon Webstore is preparing to cease operations next year. Retailers using Amazon's eCommerce platform must find a new eCommerce platform, integrate all their customer transactional data, and recreate product listings ASAP. If you are affected by Amazon's phase out and are searching for a new eCommerce platform, we highly recommend considering the Community or Enterprise edition by our partner, Magento.

The suggestion box is full

Leave egos and pride at the door, please. Let's face it, customers are going to complain and despite the old saying, they aren't always right. But when a customer has a valid complaint or suggestion, retailers needs to embrace these interactions to turn them into an opportunity in order to learn, grow and improve. 

Client Love

Griffin Technology is ready for the Apple Watch, are you? Griffin has launched a dual bedside stand and charger for both the Watch and has plans for other related accessories in the works. 

Windsor Circle Water Cooler

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Durham's Partnership for children's (DPFC) mission is: "to mobilize and unify the Durham community to create and support innovative and successful collaborative approaches to serving the needs of young children birth to age 5 and their families."

Every month, our entire team volunteers with nonprofits near our headquarters in Durham, NC to assist with the improvement of early childhood education efforts. This team day, we partnered with DPFC to help build 400 Blast Off to Kindergarten Kits which are part of the Transition to Kindergarten (TTK) Initiative.

We were honored in helping to prepare the school readiness materials for rising kindergartners in our community!

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