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The Friday Sales Meeting

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Jun 10, 2014 11:29:00 AM
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 “Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy,” said Benjamin Franklin, and the Friday Sales Meeting is proof that Windsor Circle loves us and wants us to be happy, too.  See, the Friday Sales Meeting is not your typical (sales) meeting.  No one leads the meeting, there is no agenda, everyone is welcome to come, and Windsor Circle only buys the beers on special (ya know, startup budget).

Beer? Did you say beer?  Yup, it’s not that kind of meeting, it’s that kind of meeting.  The kind of meeting where a startup creates and establishes a culture, builds unity, and starts inside jokes.  These meetings are important for every business, but especially a startup where the motivations to work hard are different than at a large corporation.  By nature, startups are more communal – smaller teams, fewer people, more collaboration with the same people, etc.  A key motivator is not just wanting to see yourself succeed, but also those you work with, and even more importantly, the company itself.  It’s our nature as people to want to work harder for those we like better, and we like better those we know better.  So, how do we get to know each other better?  Get out of the office and grab a beer!

I mentioned earlier that everyone is invited - if you're ever in Downtown Durham around 5 on a Friday, please stop by Bull McCabe's to join the fun!


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