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The Million Dollar Circle

Posted by Polly Flinch on May 19, 2014 11:21:00 AM
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Windsor Circle's Million Dollar Circle launched this month!

Members of the Million Dollar Circle have met the following criteria: being on track to make $1,000,000 in a year from our email marketing automation solution.

CoffeeForLess.com, WorkingPerson.com, and SkinMedix.com are the first of many clients to join these ranks. You're next.

Win-back your customers with targeted email campaigns

CoffeeForLess.com Win-BackCoffeeForLess.com, made over $500k in 6 months from data-driven lifecycle emails. While they used a combination of win-back, replenishment, and best customer emails, their win-back campaign grossed them over $200,000.  This campaign (example found on the left) consisted of a three part email series, sent 90, 100, and 120 days after the most recent order date. The win-back email, seen here, has a very simple subject line "We miss you" and generated average click rates of 34% and open rates of 5%. Read the CoffeeForLess case study


Help your customers buy more with automation

WorkingPerson.com product recommendation Million Dollar CircleWorkingPerson.com also made over $500k in 6 months, making them the second inductee into the Million Dollar Circle; however, they focused in on product recommendations. Using a combination of automated product recommendation, hot combo, and single-send promotions, WorkingPerson.com made over $420k. The additional revenue came from a mix of best customer, win-back, and welcome emails. The email on the left is an example of a product recommendation that is sent to customers who purchased a particular work boot. The beauty of this email is that all the pictures, links, and images are automatically populated based on the purchase and product history data available through Windsor Circle. Product recommendations are a great way to add value to emails and help build a stronger relationship with your customers. Read the WorkingPerson.com case study


Maximize ROI with customer segmentation

skinmedix graphSkinMedix.com utilized customer segmentation powered by our platform that resulted in over 50x ROI. By automating their email marketing with targeted campaigns, SkinMedix.com increased open rates from best customer campaigns from 14% to 72% and achieved an impressive 168% click-through rate increase using strategic segmentation and retention strategies unlocked with our marketing automation platform. Read the SkinMedix.com case study



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