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The Ultimate Holiday Helper: Replenishment

Posted by Katie Powell on Aug 28, 2015 1:56:10 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-78811452The holiday season can be taxing on consumers. Holiday gatherings and gift giving alone require much thought, time and preparation. As a result, the most wonderful time of the year is also the worst possible time to run out of a relied-upon product.

Product replenishment campaigns will keep your customers fully stocked and well armed with your consumable products this holiday season. By weaving replenishment emails into already scheduled holiday marketing, retailers will drive repeat sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

The holiday season provides endless inspiration for creating personalized replenishment campaigns. We’ve highlighted a few use cases and helpful hints to get you started.

Convenience and Ease

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, brick and mortar stores are packed. A quick trip to purchase that one item you need can easily spiral into a full-blown nightmare. Save your customers from holiday shopping chaos by reminding them to restock.

Product replenishment campaigns are essential for fueling repeat sales for online retailers. Perfectly timed replenishment emails make customer’s lives easier - you’re helping them cross an item off of their lengthy holiday shopping list. That could mean one less trip to the store.

Structure the messaging of your replenishment emails around the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Many consumers shop online simply for the convenience and ease that it provides. Emphasize this value and find festive ways to tie your products to holiday events.

Connect Everything to the Holiday Season

The holiday season often brings holiday guest into your home. Some guest may stay overnight while others may only stay for a meal. Either way, think about all the replenishable products that might be used along the way.

Products such as toilet paper, toothpaste and cleaning supplies are needed year around. These types of everyday necessities are easily taken for granted and have nothing to do with the holiday season - but they are still very important. Replenishment campaigns will be more effective and relevant if they establish a sense of urgency and relate the product to a specific holiday need.

Don’t send your customer the same generic reminder to repurchase paper towels that you also sent them in July. Tell them why they need paper towels this holiday season. What if Santa spills his milk as he's climbing out of the chimney? Force your customers to visualize using your paper towels to clean up a holiday mess.

Gift Giving Made Easy

ThinkstockPhotos-459036619Many consumable products make great holiday gifts. Items such as candles, wine or sweet treats are sureto please almost any recipient. Utilize replenishment campaigns as a tool to increase a customer's order value this holiday season.

If they love a product enough to purchase it again and again, encourage them to purchase more and share the love! Maybe they’ve never thought of giving that item as a gift. Position the product as not only being perfect for that customer, but also friends and family members on their holiday shopping list. You’ll make gift giving seem like a piece of cake!

New Year's Resolutions

ThinkstockPhotos-462528501Health and wellness are at the top of every consumer’s mind at the end of each year. Replenishment campaigns are an effective way to boost the sales of products that will help your consumers achieve their new year's resolution. With a new year quickly approaching, your customer may want to try new things.

Incorporating product recommendations into your replenishment email is a simple yet powerful way to cross sell and upsell. Capitalize on the theme of newness that occurs at the end of the holiday season. Give your customers an extra incentive to test out a new product by offering a 10% off coupon.

Think about what your customers are feeling and experiencing as they go through the holiday season. Replenishment campaigns should be personalized and relevant to the time of year. Strong replenishment reminders will motivate customers to reorder generate additional revenue for retailers this holiday season.

Learn more about automated product replenishment by downloading this one pager or requesting a demo.

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