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Top Email Campaigns for Spring

Posted by Enelda Butler on Mar 11, 2016 4:47:01 PM
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Spring is in the air everywhere you look around. And that includes the retail industry. Between in-store and online, the spring season is one of the most successful times for retailers. In fact, spring is the second largest quarter for revenue behind the winter holidays. Because of this, it just makes sense for your email marketing campaigns to capitalize on this trend.

Specifically, there are several holidays and events in the coming months that provide retailers great opportunities to drive revenue as well as customer retention.


Easter: March 27

Last year, Americans spent more than $16 billion for this holiday.[1]  Retailers can use Easter to transition shoppers into new, seasonal merchandise. Apparel (especially for women and children), food, and candy are big draws during this time. However, a range of warm weather products can be promoted for this season, like gardening tools, camping gear, grills, etc.


Mother’s Day: May 8

Mother’s Day is the second most popular holiday for gift giving, behind only Christmas. Last year, $21.2 billion was spent for this holiday.[2] Jewelry, flowers, and gift certificates are the most common retail items for this celebration.


Father’s Day: June 19

Last year, consumers spent $12.7 billion on this holiday, with top products including gift cards, clothing, and electronics.[3] Online shopping is the second most popular method of buying gifts for this holiday, which is great news for the eCommerce industry.



Sprinkled in between these holidays are graduations. Last year spending on these events totaled $4.8 billion, with the top gifts being cash, greetings cards, and gift certificates.[4] In terms of retail products, apparel and electronics are also popular gifts during this time.


Bonus: Tax Season

Another potential event during this time is Tax season. Most people file taxes in February, so you can begin planting the seed in your customers’ minds early, and then run campaigns until the April 15 tax deadline.[5] Although most consumers say they’ll spend their tax refund on savings, some will instead purchase big ticket items like furniture, computers, or televisions.

Now that you know when you should be reaching out to customers this spring, we’ll offer two campaigns that can be used for all of these events.


Segmented Promotions

Your goal is to target the right customer with the right message at the right time, which is possible through customer segmentation. With gender and age specific holidays, it’s crucial to divide your customer base by both gender and age. Additional categories could include last year’s buyers or last-minute purchasers, as they can be targeted using product purchase history. For instance, if you know that a customer purchased a gift set last year during the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, you can send them a message offering to help them prepare for the holiday again. You can also offer them a free gift with their purchase to motivate them to make an order, like in this example from FacialCo.



Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are a great way to show your customers the variety of your inventory. Additionally, a gift guide is a great way to showcase your seasonal items. You can even combine multiple events into one gift guide, like this example from Revolve Clothing that covers both Father’s Day and graduation.


The guide can include your top products from the holiday last year as well as similar new arrivals. To take this further, you can create a more detailed gift guide, broken down into different product categories and highlighting nontraditional or unusual gifts as a way to make the holiday shopping experience quick and simple.


For more tips on how to prepare for spring holidays, take a look at our Moms, Dads, and Grads eBook.


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