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Valentine's Day Campaign Strategies

Posted by Amy McCarthy on Jan 7, 2015 11:41:00 AM
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Valentine's Day campaigns do not always have to contain a hard sell. In fact, to make a more engaging experience with your customers, create content that is both relevant to your products and useful to those using them. 

The first step to any successful email campaign is to pique your recipients’ interest, so that emails are opened. This first step can be challenging, but definitely is not impossible. Here are a few strategic ideas on how to ensure that your email gets opened and that the content is relevant and engaging to your customer base.


Lead your customers down the sales funnel by offering compelling guides built around your products. By creating an interesting guide, you demonstrate that your eCommerce site is not just a revenue hub, but a quality resource for your customers.

Subject lines containing words like “favorite,” “ultimate,” “infinite,” “top picks,” “absolute,,  and “… ever” all signify this kind of quality content. For example: 

  • Favorite Valentine's Day Gifts 
  • Ultimate Guide to Romance ...
  • Top 5 Unique Gift Ideas


For a “softer” sell use questions as the subject line to creatively tie a promotion to your products. This strategy creates instant exposure to your products that can be easily weaved within an informative article. Some options are: 

  • What is a “Romantic Gift,” Anyway?
  • Are You Celebrating Valentine's Day?
  • Who is Your Valentine This Year? 


Who doesn't love a good, long list? While not directly related to selling, a list offers sharable content that broadens engagement and brand exposure. Several examples are:


Buying gifts is daunting for most consumers. Savvy marketers understand that solving a problem by offering an exciting idea is a great way to get consumers on your website to start the buying cycle. Some suggestions:

  • How to Plan the Perfect Date.
  • 10 Best First Date Questions … Possibly Ever.
  • Fresh Makeup - All Night Long

This format doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use the words “how” and “to.” Words like “lessons,” “guidelines,” “insights,” and “tips” can convey the same helpful, instructional tone. 


Your products solve problems, so by offering assistance through these products you strengthen the B2C relationship.

  • Not Sure Where to Take Your Date? Our Top Destinations.
  • First Date Tips: How to Feel Brave, Strong & Sexy.
  • Don’t Know What to Buy as a Gift? 20 Proven Wins. 


Sum up the “spirit” of your campaign by including a quote as a teaser of the content within your campaign.  

  • “If all else fails…” / Worst case data scenarios.
  • “Re-focus on romance...” / 7 Gift Ideas
  • “If you really knew me, you’d know…” / The Ultimate Gift Guide.

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