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Weather Proof Email Marketing

Posted by Mallorie Moore on Feb 16, 2015 11:47:00 AM

Here’s the thing, messaging is only impactful when it’s relevant. So, focus on creating relevant email sends to your local brick and mortar and online stores subscribers by geo-segmenting your customers.

Let us set the scene…

Charles sells tools and hardware in his brick and mortar (B&M) and online stores. Charles has always been customer service oriented, and his efforts were really paying off. Recently though, his unsubscribe rate has reached a record high. His customers are not happy with the amount of emails they are getting and Charles doesn’t know what to do. He has so many great new products and promotions, and he needs to share this information with his customers.

Charles needs to segment his subscriber base – fast.

Charles starts by using Windsor Circle’s software to segment his local and online customers since his online customers won't benefit from local promotions, nor do B&M only shoppers want the latest free shipping deals, and he doesn't want to spam his subscribers’ inboxes.

During the winter snowstorm, Charles sends customers who made in-store and online generator purchases last year, an automated educational email with “Pre-Storm Generator Maintenance” messaging. This email send contains tips to make sure his customers’ generators are ready before the storm hits. But, for his local B&M customers, his “Pre-Storm Generator Maintenance” email has slightly different wording that includes local store hours and a printable in-store coupon for a free flashlight with a $100+ winter storm related purchase.

Charles also sends customers who purchased snow shovels last year, a promotional email announcing the huge sale his store is having on snow blowers.

Additionally, Charles sends his online customers, who have recently made a purchase, a single send post-purchase thank you email explaining the shipping delay due to bad weather.

Charles decides it would be best to reschedule the “Spring is almost upon us!” email that is originally set to send to his local B&M customer this week. He has now scheduled the email for two weeks from now, which will be sent to customers who bought gardening tools last year.

With the use of Windsor Circle’s retention automation software, Charles is now actively using customer segmentation to send targeted emails to customers with varying weather patterns. For example, he now sends snow related emails to people in states where a snowstorm is about to hit, such as New England, while he is sending spring related emails to his west coast clients.

By geo-segmenting his subscriber base, Charles is in a great place for increased customer engagement and purchases, and decreased unsubscribe rates. In fact, he will probably be the go-to tools and hardware store for the storm among his customer base, since his language appropriately resonates in their inboxes more than his competitors’.

Interested in additional tips and tricks to segment your customers this season? Download our FREE “Segment” Playbook & Guide, and engage your customers in a relevant way.

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