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What’s the Biggest Obstacle to Retention Marketing?

Posted by Enelda Butler on Oct 9, 2015 12:56:40 PM
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In this blog series, we’ve given numerous reasons why retention marketing is critical for any eCommerce business. Despite these benefits, many retailers are not making customer retention an integral part of their marketing strategy. Why?

We asked leading online retailers to unveil the biggest obstacle to an effective retention marketing strategy. The top two answers were 1) access to data and 2) a lack of time and resources. This blog will focus on the latter, and dispel the myth that retention marketing is difficult to implement.

Many small businesses often forgo retention marketing plans because they think they don’t have the resources to enact and maintain them. Particularly, companies without a dedicated marketing staff may feel like they don't have the expertise or time to create a successful campaign.

However, automated emails, when done correctly don't have to be very time consuming. With automation, you can send pre-defined messages to give each customer a personalized experience throughout the purchase cycle. This tailored marketing leads to increased customer engagement, retention and loyalty with your brand.

Read on to learn about two of our clients who made retention a priority and saw huge results.



BrewUK, an online retailer of home brew beer and wine kits, had a previous email marketing strategy that consisted largely of batch and blast emails once or twice a week. But now with retention automation emails, they implemented campaigns to target specific groups of customers based on characteristics like order history and purchase frequency.

According to BrewUK co-owner Greg Hughes, "Before, we were blanket emailing our entire database a couple of times a week with whatever. We still send an email once or twice a week but we have started segmenting, so it's going to specific customers."

Not only do these automated messages save time, but they drive impressive results. BrewUK has seen 2x the opens and 3x the clicks from these data-driven automated emails.

Download the full BrewUK case study for more details on their retention strategy and specific email examples.


Long Tie Store

Long Tie Store provides ties designed specifically for tall men, offering a variety of options for this often underserved audience. Because Long Tie Store’s customers are a niche group to begin with, retention is very important to the success of their business. But as a one-man eCommerce shop, there are limited resources and time to devote to marketing efforts.

Long Tie Store Founder Ben Jones explains, “I was interested in retention, but as a one man operation I didn’t think I was at that scale yet. But we were able to make it pay for itself very quickly, and have seen great results. I wasn’t getting a lot of repeat customers before and it’s now significantly higher, which, of course, is well worth it.”

Long Tie Store set up automated messages based on our 9 Pillars of Retention, specifically welcome and win-back email campaigns that generate high levels of engagement and revenue. Using data-driven lifecycle marketing, Long Tie Store has tripled its number of retained customers, and also decreased customer churn by 50% in less than one year.

Download the Long Tie Store case study to learn how to apply these techniques to your business.


Our vision is to help every retailer provide an exceptional customer experience by integrating and analyzing purchase history, product and customer data. Our team helps you assess opportunities, build your retention marketing templates, and provides ongoing support, strategy, and design and implementation services.

With our retention marketing platform, our clients see a 20%+ lift in revenue.

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