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Windsor Circle Implementation Process

Posted by Michael Huey on Jan 27, 2015 5:02:00 PM

What To Expect When You Are Expecting: Windsor Circle Edition

You have just signed a contract with Windsor Circle. You are entering the last trimester of that crazy sales cycle, eagerly anticipating the delivery of your new Retention Marketing baby. So, what comes next?

Similar to the prep you put into your house pending the baby's arrival, there are some logistics to getting ready for targeting and automating your email marketing campaigns. The first step you can look forward to is an onboarding email from one of our Client Technical Specialists. Typically, you will receive this a week prior to your contract start date. This email will contain your Windsor Circle login and multiple guides to connect all of the platforms you are using.

Let me pause here to talk a bit about this email. Many people see this as their "reality check" email. You are a week from your baby's due date, and all of a sudden it hits home. You really are going to have a newborn in your house, and there are a million things to do before he/she arrives! Let me take this time to assure you, onboarding with Windsor Circle is not that way. Implementing Windsor Circle is more like having your family and friends at your house taking care of everything major, and leaving you with only 15-30 minutes of work.

That's right. The effort on your end should honestly only require 15-30 minutes of your time. We will take a bit more time on our end, but we are doing the hard stuff for you. We have had super responsive clients finish their entire technical implementation in less than 24 hours, so it is possible. Even if you are not quite that quick, it will still be finished in the week leading up to your contract start. Our Client Technical Specialists' number one priority is to get you implemented and ready to use. You can consider them your Windsor Circle OB-GYN, working hard to deliver you a healthy Retention Marketing baby.

So that covers the email, which requires most of your time. Now I will give you a glimpse at the Windsor Circle magic that happens behind the scenes after you get us connected. This is the magic of the delivery and initial check up. Once connected, we pull up to 3 years worth of customer purchase & transactional data from your ecommerce platform. After we get it, we chop it up (I will let the baby analogy drop for this part), do some analytics on it, and compare it to your existing email marketing subscriber list. Often we find that many email lists are missing out on potential marketing targets who made purchases and opted to receive emails, but somehow never made it into the email service provider (ESP). This leads us to the next step, our Activation Call with your Client Technical Specialist. We will review your customer data with you, which normally takes 10-15 minutes, and is the final step in the technical onboarding process. Once this is finished, we will begin pushing this data and set everything up for daily updates.

For those of you who would like a more graphical view of the steps:

  • Signed Contract - You
  • Onboarding Email (1 week prior to contract start) - Us
  • Sharing Access - You
  • Connecting/Getting Data - Us
  • Activation Call - Both
  • Loading Data In ESP - Us
  • Technical Onboarding Finished

Once your customer data is uploaded, you are ready to take your new Retention Marketing baby home. You can now begin configuring and triggering emails, whether  Windsor Circle is designing for you or the Segmented Promotional Emails your Client Success Manager is going to recommend in your strategy sessions.

Your Retention Marketing baby will be growing up in no time at all, and if it ever gets sick, your Client Technical Team will be waiting right here ready to quickly make it all better again.

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