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Customer Retention. Automated

Windsor Circle is Hiring

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Mar 19, 2015 5:04:00 PM

Hiring. It’s what’s for breakfast at Windsor Circle.

We are hungry and we want a uniquely crafted and balanced meal. Thats right. We are looking to explore new combinations, spicy, sweet, unique, colorful, bizarre, complex, rich, and lean. There is one thing that you should know.

When we sit down to eat, we eat together.

We are an energetic bunch with a unique blend of weirdos, type As, loud mouthed goof-balls, fashionistas, and geek aficionados. We are building a diverse team where differences matter; they make us both stronger and smarter. With that said, we have one pretty long list of values that we can all agree on. It’s the guiding principles that we hold ourselves accountable to within all areas of the company.

Principles / Guiding Thoughts: Communication

Openness and Transparency in All Cases.
Above all things, people want to trust one another. People are strong enough to handle the truth. We speak openly about things, and have the courage and conviction to trust one another with difficult topics. This is true regardless of who's involved (employees, customers, investors, partners or others).

Facts, Not Claims.
Our communications, both as individuals, and as a company, should be rooted in fact. If you say it, be able to back it up.

Fairness Starts with Objective Data Points.
Do your research. Be open to others' research. Trust each other not to skew or obscure the data.

Two Ears, One Mouth.
It is a human tendency to speak first. It is far better to "seek first to understand, then to be understood."
Start by listening.

Single Source of the Truth.
We strive for a single source of the truth, so we make sure everyone can get to product, company and educational information in one place.

The Windsor Circle Team

All Employees are Shareholders.
The best way to achieve alignment between employees and their goal of maximizing value to shareholders is to make them shareholders. Everyone at Windsor Circle will have equity and/or options as part of their compensation plan.

Teams Survive Longer than Individuals.
A common team building exercise involves a hypothetical crash in the desert or in the arctic. You can only take 10 items as you try to survive. You do the exercise first as an individual. You do it again as a group. You then compare the results to those of survival experts, like Navy Seals, who theoretically could survive the best. The group almost always gets more items right than the individual. Lesson: teams survive longer than individuals.

Employees Grow the Business. Leaders Grow the Employees.
Both roles are accountable to excellence.

Lead from the Front.
Do what you expect your team to do.

Make Mistakes.
It’s ok to be wrong and it’s ok to make mistakes. Admit them, learn from them, and move on. People not making mistakes are either not taking enough risks, or they’re not admitting them, or both.

Dish the Ball.
Delegate responsibility and then get out of the way. Your teammates are as committed and capable as you.

Efficiency and Focus

Pareto’s Law rules.
80% of the value will come from 20% of the effort. Focus on the most important things and execute on them relentlessly.

The Goal of the Firm is to Maximize Profit for Shareholders.
Windsor Circle is not a non-profit. It's not a social change agent. It is not a club. We are a for-profit entity. It is in our nature to be good corporate citizens, but while at work, we should be executing together with a single purpose in mind, and that is to maximize profit for the shareholders of Windsor Circle. And remember, all employees are shareholders.

The Paying Customer Dictates the Truth.
This is more than "the customer is always right." This is an orientation, throughout our company, that we build products that people pay us for. If there is a question about what direction to take on a specific issue, ask what the paying customer thinks. That will be the answer.

Everyone is in Sales.
Those who think that sales is someone else’s job should find another job. Everyone should be asking, at all times, "What problem are you trying to solve?" If we can help, then we should forthrightly say so, and ask for an opportunity to explain why we think so and to seek the opportunity to win that business.

If You Can’t Measure It, Don’t Do It.
Things that cannot be measured cannot be improved. Things that cannot be improved are rarely worth doing.

The Art of the Possible
The "art of the possible" is a tremendous form of problem solving because it checks all of the "why nots" at the door. Focus on the desired result, name 100 ways to get there, and then choose the most viable option.

Don’t Think Outside the Box. Shred the Box.
It’s just business. The only rules (and they are of utmost and paramount importance) are honesty, integrity, and legality. If you can check those three boxes, you can and should break all other rules in the pursuit of maximizing profit. Question assumptions. Challenge the status quo.

Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done Should Not Get in the Way of Those Doing It.
The biggest accomplishments in human history are the ones that seemed impossible. But someone did them.

Ask. The Worst They Can Say Is “No.”
This is the execution part of "art of the possible." When you think someone might turn something down, ask. Let them turn you down. On the off chance that they say "yes," you will receive benefits that no one else thought possible.


No Substitute for Ownership and Fair Compensation.
Foosball and free sodas are poor substitutes for fair financial compensation and ownership in an exciting, growth-oriented business. Doesn't mean that we won't have fun. And we'll very likely have free soda. But we won't confuse the fact that our employees' well-being, and that of their families, are of paramount importance to them. The nice-to-haves are just that. Nice to have.

Play to Your Stars.
Wow your top 10%. Excellence is hard to find. Once you’ve found it, secure it.

Risk * Execution^2 = Reward.
We're building a world class software as a service company. As a startup, we need people taking risks. The more risk one takes, the more reward is embodied in the upside. That said, we must execute against our plans to mitigate the risks, or the reward will never materialize. So, risk times execution squared will be the lens we peer through as we think about financial compensation for members of our team.

Disclaimer: If you like what you see then continue to read.

So, you might scroll your instagram looking at all the pictures of bacon combinations your friends have posted or you watch Anthony Bourdain in Turkey bite into a 100 year old passed down recipe on the street. What are you thinking? Man, it would be awesome if I could taste that instead of just looking at it. Right?

Well we also enjoy looking at all the resumes and applications that come in and think it would really be amazing if we could meet these people in person. So we do just that. Windsor Circle gets involved in community events, universities, networking events and conferences. We want to meet real people (in person) who want to be part of building this thing. “This thing” might be the retention automation universe, it might be new partnerships across the globe, or it might be the fastest growing tech-startup that North Carolina has ever seen.

We have many events coming up with lots of things being added. We will be rolling out internship programs with non-traditional interview days and “funishment” events to decide on our new summer crew. We also have a wide range of positions for those experienced professionals who have been around the block, and for those that are just starting out.

We have rocked our green pants for many students and professionals around the area at:

  • Duke’s Spring Job Fair
  • NC State’s College of Management Career Fair
  • NC State’s College of Design 
  • UNC’s MBA Graduate Program
  • NC Central’s Career Fair
  • High Five Marketing Conference
  • Brain Games at Full Steam
  • Internet Summit
  • Bull McCabes Irish Pub (Ok, this one is just for fun, but you can find us here more often than not.)

Make sure to keep your eye out for our growing opportunities and where to find us. We want to meet you. And with that, I challenge you to come find us in person, in green pants or not, and let us know how you could spice up the recipe.

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