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Yes, we are giving away an ELF

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Sep 30, 2014 9:19:00 AM
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Windsor Circle prides itself at being on the cutting edge of big data marketing automation innovation. We also pride ourselves on being part of a growing entrepreneurial community in Durham, NC. Our team thrives on community involvement and sustainability.

To show our commitment and excitement for the eCommerce and digital marketing community, we decided to give away over $6,000 worth of prizes in the form of an Organic Transit ELF, made right here in Durham NC, at ExactTarget's annual conference for thousands of digital marketers, and IRCE in Chicago. This solar, electric, and pedal powered personal transit vehicle is a treat to the eye, a phenomenal ride, and a true head turner.

  • In 2013, we gave an orange, cloud-themed ELF to Kelly O'Connell of Hallmark Data in Chicago IL.
  • In June 2014, we gave an ELF away at IRCE in Chicago, and the context winner was Heather Hufton of Swimways in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • In 2014, we brought our company-branded green ELF (yes, it matches our Green Pants!) to Connections 2014, to showcase another great color in the pallet. The winner at Connections 2014 was Matt Gietzel of Spectrum Brands in Middleton, WI. Matt gets to choose his color, and will have a custom-built ELF shipped to him, hopefully in time for the holidays!

Check out these fun ELF give-away photos:

Matt Gietzel ExactTarget Windsor Circle Winner 2014 Matt Gietzel, our 2014 winner noticing his shoes clash with the car....good thing it comes in orange!

The Windsor Circle team with our ELF at IRCE 2014

Kelly O'Connell ET13 ELF Winner KellyO'Connell, the 2013 winner, enjoying a glass of wine in the ELF at Connections 2013 and testing out her new wheels at her home in Chicago.

WIN the ELF When we started this contest idea, it took real work to bring this kind of marketing campaign into fruition: special ordering the vehicle, getting custom graphics designed, renting a Sprinter van to drive the ELF to Indianapolis and back, preparing all the marketing material to make the most of this sweet give-away... But the pay-off is worth it.

This is the future of transportation. We won't have cheap oil forever, and most of us live close enough to a grocery store, place of work, or social hangout that we could just as easily drive an ELF as a car. We're proud to be on the leading edge of transportation innovation just as we are excited to be the leading big-data retention marketing automation platform for retailers. We are truly living in historic times, and you've seen at ExactTarget Connections and IRCE the convergence of transportation and marketing innovation like you've never seen before.

Where will the ELF be next? Keep an eye out on our Event page for upcoming appearances and opportunities to win this great vehicle.

PS: Anyone can enter to win: enter at windsorcircle.com/elf.

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